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How to earn money quickly? Fast cash earnings!

Probably like me you have enough guides „How to quickly earn cash” proposing taking a payday. If these amants can not distinguish a loan from earnings, I sincerely congratulate the level of the guide. In the following, I describe three of my ways to quickly make money in addition to practically no investment. These methods are tested in several smaller cities, you can move to your own backyard or try to start even in a big city.

The first way to quickly make money in 2019 seems quite trivial, but it is very effective. Cleaning of apartments, houses, gardens. on the latter, he earns the best. I tested it in my city. How fast can you earn money by cleaning the gardens? very quickly and despite appearances very much. With the first hour I was taking $ 50, each next is $ 30, usually the garden took the whole day (or two). The work involves, for example, leaf raking, picking weeds from stones, moss cutting from rocks, mowing the lawn (the mower usually owns the garden), cutting old branches, lifting branches. 10 hours a day gives earnings: 10×30 $ + 20 $ for the first more expensive hour = 320 $ a day, times 25 days a month, I try to have a Sunday off, which gives statistically more than $ 7,500 a month. Of course, rainy days fall off, but then when the weather looks rainy, I have an alternative – cleaning apartments 30-40 PLN / hour (usually cleaning is for 3-4 hours, so usually two such fuchy for the day, more is not possible, because after 8-10 hours falls on the muzzle.The average daily cleaning of apartments did not fall below $ 300. It turned out that there are many houses, villas and ordinary apartments, where people who really need this kind of help live because they have small children, because they have their own businesses, or they just do not want to. In the next part, the second way to earn money without investing.
The second way to quickly earn money does not seem trivial anymore, and the first reflex may be the fear of whether it really works, but believe it – it works. Picking strawberries, but ON MY CONDITIONS! The rate, as in 2019, was dropped for 1.5-2 $ for a basket, the one who collected knows that it is possible to squeeze 3-4 baskets an hour, and no matter how you staple, there is no chance for more … As, that in 2019 it is very difficult for employees, you can afford to negotiate the rate, I negotiated a $ 4 / basket, which may not give you a fabulous but $ 12-16 / hour. Unfortunately, this is typically seasonal work, but (at least in my case) I received the cash at the end of the day.

How to earn money quickly?

Now the way I like it the fastest way to earn money.

The third and my most favorite way to earn money is to distribute newspapers. Fixed hourly rate, and you do not have to physically shuffle like cleaning.